FireHouse Townhouse Excavation

On a tight Upper East Side property of Manhattan, major excavation is a difficult proposal. The architectural design of this townhouse called for the lowering of a cellar slab in the main house by four feet and a full story excavation for a new cellar below the existing, detached carriage house in the rear. These two cellars were also to be connected via full story excavation of the courtyard between them while none of this work was to effect the existing buildings. LIA was contracted to develop a safe excavation process to achieve this proposed design on a site that did not allow for equipment acess. An innovative, tiered underpinning process was devloped and monitored closely as the work progressed. Concern for an historically landmarked, adjacent building and shallow bedrock added to the many complications that were overcome to complete this project.

LIA also completed structural steel shop drawings for the buildings on the property.

Architect: Matthew Baird Architects

Contractor: ABR Molding LLC

FireHouse Courtyard Excavation in Progress

FireHouse Courtyard Excavation in Progress

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