Luke Amey, PE

Luke Amey received a Masters in Architectural Engineering from Kansas State University with an emphasis in structural engineering. Architectural Engineering programs teach the entire building process, including all design and construciton disciplines, and Kansas State has one of the highest ranked departments in the United States. This education gives Luke a unique understanding of all building systems, as well as architecture, and their interactions during design and construction.

Before forming LIA, Luke worked in the New York City office of KPFF Consulting Engineers, one of the largest structural engineering firms in the nation. During this time, Luke had the opportunity to design and analyze a multitude of structures, including deep and shallow foundation systems, saw cut and engineered timber framing systems, steel and concrete framing systems, precast cladding systems, complicated connection design in multiple materials, and perform the seismic evaluation of existing buildings and much more. Before leaving KPFF to form LIA, Luke was responsible for the oversight of design, production, and construction of projects large and small, public and private, renovation and new construction, across multiple sectors of the building industry.

While the knowledge and principles gained from his past experience is a great resource, Luke finds the most rewarding projects to be the more personal and/or explorative endeavors that tend to breed and greatly benefit from a more creative approach to structural engineering. It was these types of projects that led to the founding of LIA, where a smaller company size translates into the more focused attention and reasonable fees often required for project success while maintaining a high quality product.

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