St. Marks Townhouse

The bottom two and a half levels of this five-story (one below grade) townhouse in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, were converted from multiple apartments into a single unit. Some of the structural engineering highlights include the lowering of the cellar level which was completed with bench footings to avoid the need for underpinning, removal of a large portion of the second floor in order to incorporate a custom communicating stair designed by LIA, retaining walls to improve the rear cellar entry and create a light well, and the removal of the entire first story of the back brick wall to be replaced with infill glazing. The section of back wall will be replaced by a steel moment frame which will carry the wall above as well as the lateral loads in this seismically governed building.

Designer: BuiltIn Studio


FOX 5 New York - Energy Efficient Townhouse

St. Marks Townhouse Beginning Street View

St. Marks Townhouse Beginning Street View

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